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Every diecast collector needs to protect and display their collection/investment. We get so many requests from customers about diecast display cases we decided to create this site. Here you will find links to the web's top diecast display case dealers and manufacturers. Where applicable we link directly to the page most suitable for diecast car displays. Links open a new window to make quickly browsing through the list easier.
37 sites listed - links verified 03/10/11           Click here to list your site

Diecast Display Case Dealers and Manufacturers
Speedway Displays - featured site - popularity |||||||
   Wide variety of display case styles, wood acrylic and nice multicar cases

Clearwater Displays - featured site - popularity |||||||
   Single car, multi car and blisterpack acrylic diecast display cases, all scales

Stages - featured site - popularity |||||||
   Very cool diecast display system with working lights

Carney Plastics - featured site - popularity |||||||
   Wooden and plastic displays, many sizes and scales

Infinity Wood Interiors - featured site - popularity |||||||
   Hanging, lighted, wooden curio cabinet

Gemo Displays - featured site - popularity |||||||
   Various large shelf type displays

Grandpa Jon - featured site - popularity |||||||
   Large wooden 1/64 display cases

Great Display Cases - - popularity |||||||
   Many styles of multicar acrylic display cases, 1/64, 1/24, 1/32 and 1/43 scales

Bill Greenan Display Cases - - popularity |||||||
   Custom wood and acrylic diecast car cases

Absolute Acrylic - - popularity |||||||
   1 and 3 car 1:24, angled, acrylic display cases

Race Time Products - - popularity |||||||
   Very cool displays. Cars displayed inside of a racing tire.

Blowguns Northwest & Stuff - - popularity |||||||
   Funky name but they have a lot of acrylic displays

Sports Cases - - popularity |||||||
   Small multi-car displays, shadowboxes and mini-helmet displays

National Equipment Company - - popularity |||||||
   Commercial shelving and display case

Hollys Glass Works - - popularity |||||||
   Nice looking hand crafted, glass, single car cases

Team Logo Cases - - popularity |||||||
   Mirrored cases and shadow boxes with engraved nameplates

Cases for Collectibles - - popularity |||||||
   Large selection of acrylic cases for 1/18, 1/24 and 1/64 scale diecast cars

USA Display - - popularity |||||||
   All kinds of plastic and wooden dipslay cases

Diecast Display - - popularity |||||||
   Large acrylic diecast display cases for all scales of cars

Showcase-Express - - popularity |||||||
   Nice looking versatile shelving system

Memory Lane - - popularity |||||||
   Nice wall mounted and shadow box displays for your car

J-Display Case - - popularity |||||||
   Variety of clear plastic displays, all scales

Display Case Art - - popularity |||||||
   Variety of 1/24 and 1/64 wooden and plastic multi-car displays

Pioneer Plastics - - popularity |||||||
   Beautiful selection of clear, mirrored, checkerboard and/or wood bases cases

Custom Display Cases - - popularity |||||||
   Plastic, mirrored, multi car cases

Hot Flips - - popularity |||||||
   Multi car acrylic cases, wholesale

Race Action Displays - - popularity |||||||
   Clear cases and pedestals (these are cool)

Custom Craft Plastics - - popularity |||||||
   Custom single car cases with a rounded top

Crystal Caseworks - - popularity |||||||
   Good selection of glass and acrylic cases

Zip Cabs - - popularity |||||||
   Wooden, wall mounted, adjustable shelves, plastic front cabinets

JMK Displays - - popularity |||||||
   Clear plastic cases with wood bottoms

Product Zoo - - popularity |||||||
   Variety of multi-size acrylic cases including a giant 108 car 1/64 case

Wholesale Case - - popularity |||||||
   Stackable plastic cases

Pennzoni Display Company - - popularity |||||||
   Acrylic display cases

Diamond 4 - - popularity |||||||
   1/24 and 1/64 wooden displays with hinged glass door

Pottomac Display - - popularity |||||||
   Large selection of display options

Billet1 - - popularity |||||||
   These cases look expensive but they are very cool

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